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Inspired by the incredible comfort found in a cherished pair of silk long johns, WinterSilks started its journey over 30 years ago.

After countless days walking home from work in sub-zero weather, our founder once happened upon a pair of silk long johns and wore them on his commute. To his astonishment, they kept him warm and wonderfully dry. He wore them again and again, adoring their invisible comfort under work clothes at the office, and admiring their incredible insulating power on his walks.

That soothing, natural relief sparked the idea for WinterSilks, a business that began as a boutique mail-order company with a mission to bring luxurious silk warmth to all. Over the years, we became silk industry experts and expanded our offerings to include original silk clothing and a wider range of fabrics, all the while focusing on skin-soothing comfort, natural warmth and ease of wear.

Today we offer ready-to-wear men’s and women’s apparel, sleepwear, lingerie and accessories—all inspired by the wondrous properties of silk and designed to keep you cozy day and night, no matter the weather!

With a growing global presence including shopping at & through our catalogs, we look forward to an innovative future in stylish, comfortable luxury, delivered right to your door.
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